Large crowds gathered in Lower Manhattan Saturday for a rally and march in support of immigrant rights.

The "You Can't Deport a Movement" rally was held in support of Ravi Ragbir and other immigration rights activists.

Ragbir was scheduled for deportation Saturday but won a temporary stay Friday while a federal judge reviews his case.

He was first detained on January 11, sparking a large protest where 18 people were arrested, including City Councilmen Ydanis Rodriguez and Jumaane Williams.

"So what you see here is not just about Ravi. It's about a movement. And all the signs are saying you cannot deport a movement," Ragbir said.

"There are thousands of people like Ravi, millions of people that could be in his same situation that don't have the profile of him, don't have the resources of him. They need to be spoken for as well. So this rally is about that and making sure that just because we can't see them, we don't know their names, they are just like Ravi," Williams said.

Ragbir says the Trump administration and immigration enforcement agents are wrongly targeting immigration rights activists, which violates the First Amendment.

A federal judge in New Jersey has extended Ragbir's stay until mid-March.