SAN ANTONIO -- Fire authorities in the Alamo City said they have responded to 36 structure fires in the last couple of days and are asking people to be careful as temperatures drop at night.

At least seven fires in the city were caused by improper heating.

San Antonio Fire Department Chief Charles Hood said he doesn't fault anyone for trying to stay warm, but is asking people to act responsibly. Hood said that if anyone is concerned a fire could start, he or she should call the department.

"A lot of times we get calls to check electrical or smell of smoke. We would much rather come out with an engine and check that than to come out three hours later to a house that's fully involved in fire,” he said.

Chief Hood said anyone that does not have a working smoke detector should call 211 and someone will install one.

San Antonio Fire Department safety tips:

• Keep things that can burn at least 3 feet away from heaters
• Plug heaters directly into the wall outlet
• Don't wear baggy clothing or coats when cooking
• Turn off portable heaters, candles when you leave or go to bed
• Keep a screen over fireplaces to keep embers from escaping
• Don't burn anything except firewood as buildup in a chimney will catch fire
• Hoarding makes fires spread quickly and makes rescues nearly impossible