It looked like a pep rally for a sporting event Friday, but some high school seniors from Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan were celebrating their march towards higher learning. 

"We are excited," one student said. "We want to start our careers, we want to start our future."

They were among the 2,300 students who marched nationwide from their respective campuses to post offices and trucks to mail the paperwork needed to support their online college applications.

Boone: How many schools did you apply to?

Student: Six schools. My top school right now is City College. I'm going to be an architect like my uncle.

"It's very exciting to do this because it's like, wow, we are going to go to college, it's our future. It's my future," said another high school senior.

The massive fanfare was held at eight schools throughout the boroughs. In Queens, more than one hundred seniors from the Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School participated with teachers, family members, local leaders, and students from lower grades cheering them on. The event is in its seventh year.

"It's getting bigger and bigger and louder and louder, which is great," Queens State Sen. Joseph Addabbo said.  "I love the fact that the juniors get to cheer on the seniors and then next year they'll be there.

"It feels like an accomplishment," one student said. "I feel like I just did everything possible. I’m just so happy to like move on."

The non-profit educational organization Outward Bound is in charge of the marches. 

"The purpose is to inspire hope in our students and broaden the reach for access to all for a continuing education," said Betty Schlicht, an official with Outward Bound.

Previous marches focused on posting applications, but with most students applying online, many mailed appreciation letters to the people who helped them throughout high school.

"I'm sending it to my speech coach Mr. King, who also taught me English and he teaches me drama," a student said.

Boone: You sent a letter to your dad?

Student: Yeah.

Boone: What did it say?

Student: Appreciating all the hard work he put me through so I get to where I'm going.

Now they just have to wait to see which schools accept them.