Football season is here. Molly Moker of Zagat checked out two new sports bars that are sure to be a touchdown. She filed the following report for NY1.

At The Grayson in the East Village, you can have brunch, watch the game and cure your hangover in epic fashion. On the weekends, the new bar is serving up a full menu of morning favorites until 6 p.m.

 “We have one signature item on the brunch menu and it’s called the Hangover Burger,” says Keith McKeon, owner of The Grayson. “What it’s actually served with is a tater tot waffle bun. We’ve got eggs in it, bacon in it, and I think bacon cures everything.”

The bun is a waffle made out of hash browns. There is a cheeseburger, there is a runny egg; it is a lot of sandwich.

“If that doesn’t cure it, you can cure it with a Bloody Mary. More bacon, more meatballs," McKeon says.

Yes, that is right. Their Bloody Mary's are garnished with bacon and meatballs.

“There’s never too much meat," McKeon says.

However, the real star of the show here might be the macaroni and cheese burger.

I did not even know the ladylike way to eat it. It is very cheesy. I can only imagine how perfect this would be if you were hung over. It is the most gluttonous thing ever, but it works. It’s genius.

Just a few blocks away on the Lower East Side, Set L.E.S. is putting an Asian twist on their bar food.

“We’re in the most saturated area of bars on the Lower East Side,” says Mike Tang, owner of SET L.E.S. “There’s a bar on every corner, so we had to differentiate ourselves."

And the secret ingredient in their skewers, wings and sliders?

“Most of our food is made with an extra kick of spice,” Tang says. “At the same time, it’s bearable for most people who can’t take the spice.”

This is how I like my skewers - forget the vegetables. Really nice flavors. If you like a spicy time, SET is definitely your place.

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