A storm system kept the Big Apple gray and wet on Sunday, however, our five-day streak of below-normal highs came to an end as temperatures rose into the mid 50s. It marked just the third time in the last three weeks that temperatures reached above-normal levels.

Monday will be brighter and drier, but, windy conditions are likely during the afternoon and evening hours. Temperatures will be above-normal again, with highs in the low-to-mid 50s.

Looking ahead, expect skies to stay on the sunny side through Thursday. We will be turning colder however, as temperatures drop into the upper 30s and low 40s. Some flurries or light snow is possible Friday morning as a storm system passes just north of the area. Temperatures will be around 40. Look for mostly sunny skies on Saturday and Sunday.


Days with highs in the:

20s - 1     

30s - 1     

40s - 14     

50s - 10     

60s - 2     

70s - 2

Highest Temp: 72 degrees (Nov. 2)    

Lowest Temp: 15 degrees (Nov. 23)

Monthly Average Temp: 44.4 degrees (3.3 degrees below normal)

Total Precipitation: 7.62” (3.60” above normal)

Total Snow: 6.4”