Valarie D’Elia highlights some warm weather getaways after NYC’s first big snowstorm of the year in this Travel With Val report.

Now that New Yorkers have digested our first real taste of winter, they might be craving a last-minute opportunity to leave the cold behind for the upcoming President’s Week school vacation. The key is to avoid peak travel days.

"So if you can depart on Sunday or depart on Monday, wait a couple of days when most people have already taken those flights,” says Jeanenne Tornatore, Senior Editor at Orbitz.

Before it gets saturated with the spring break crowd, online travel agency Orbitz is suggesting Florida as its best source of deals for families traveling over President’s Day weekend.

"Flying into Jacksonville and renting a car driving up to St. Augustine, which is a beautiful historic area, from New York flying in through Jacksonville, with car rental for three days and three days hotel - $472 per person. And this is over the holiday weekend,” Tornatore says.

Orlando will be crazy busy at the theme parks during school break, so you can save by avoiding the President’s Day holiday altogether.

"If you are willing to wait and travel the last weekend in February, that following weekend you are going to get airfare into Orlando plus three nights at 4 star properties from just $350,” Tornatore says.

Traveling sans children? At press time, Orbitz pointing to this sample package with airfare.

"Over the long weekend of President’s Day, airfare plus three nights from New York to Las Vegas at a four star property on the strip was $503 per person,” Tornatore says.

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