In this Travel with Val report, Time Warner Cable News' Valarie D’Elia checks out a cruise ship where the bathrooms are being showered with praise.

There is something afoot when you step into the bathrooms onboard the small-ship ocean liner Viking Star.

"We haven’t advertised it because we think it is sometimes nice that people can have a surprise," says Torstein Hagen, chairman at Viking Cruises. "So we do have heated floors in the bathroom and we have non-fog mirrors."

The luxuriously spare Scandinavian decor of the ship carries itself into the standard cabin bathrooms, which favor showers over bathtubs to appeal to a Baby Boomer mindset.

"And of course many of our guests are my age, and at my age you are a little bit reluctant to climb into a bathtub, particularly if you are climbing into a bathtub to have a shower because many of us are concerned about our hips and all that stuff," Hagen says.

Another bathroom feature is specifically designed to be easy on the eyes.

"We like toiletries that we can read, and we here have taken great care, it is very clear what is what. Even the tops of the bottles can be easy to take off," Hagen says.

If you prefer a bathtub, you can book one of 12 suites, but you will get soaked in more ways than one.

"If you have a cabin with a bathtub, you have to charge 6% more," Hagen says.

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