Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road riders are one step closer to skipping ticket lines.

The MTA says it's rolling out its new eTix mobile app before the end of the summer, earlier than scheduled.

The free app lets customers buy tickets, check schedules and get refunds.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says it's part of a plan to create a single payment system for all MTA trains and buses.

"It's bringing the railroads to the same level of technology as most services, which is an extraordinary upgrade in the case of the MTA," Cuomo said.

"During rush hour, you know, people could just go on their phone, purchase it, and then they don't have to wait on the lines on the booths, and I think it would be a lot easier," said one commuter.

"Yeah, definitely, because sometimes, when you're in a rush, you just want to get on the train instead of waiting on line. So it will help," said another commuter.

Officials say e-ticketing will be available to all LIRR and Metro-North riders by the end of August.

Meanwhile, Cuomo says the city has a contract out for replacing MetroCards with a system that lets riders scan digital tickets with an app on mobile devices.