The MTA has officially rolled out a fleet of sleek new high-tech buses.

The first of 75 state-of-the-art vehicles are now in service in Queens.

They are equipped with Wi-Fi and USB charging ports, and will eventually replace 40 percent of the current fleet.

"People don't get on a bus and read a newspaper anymore. People get on a bus, and they expect to have that digital connectivity that they need to lead their life," said Governor Andrew Cuomo. "They're on the bus for 25 minutes, that can't be a wasted 25 minutes. They want to be able to plug in, get their Wi-Fi, have a USB port, do their work on their phone or their device or whatever the device of the future is, and that's what these buses now have."

The buses are the first of more than 2,000 set to hit city streets in the next five years.