The New York Giants have high hopes for their first-round draft pick Saquon Barkley.

So do many residents of the South Bronx.  

As a little boy, Barkley lived along Cypress Avenue near 139th Street.

"Saquon, my dad gave him his first haircut," said Brian McFadden of the Famous Barbershop. 

Still, it's been a while since Barkley has been back to his old neighborhood. Some are surprised he's from here. 

"I didn't know he was homegrown," said Twuan Fortune. "No, I didn't know that."

Barkley, a star running back at Penn State, admits he doesn't remember a lot about his old neighborhood.  

"I left when I was five or six, but I was back and forth to The Bronx until I got to high school football," he said. "Then, high school football took over."

Giants fans hope Barkley leads the team to another Super Bowl, but he wouldn't be the family's first champion.

Iran "The Blade" Barkley is also from the Bronx and is Saquon's great-uncle.

The retired world-champion boxer remembers him as an active child.

"Playing baseball, football, everything. He was doing everything like a normal kid," Iran Barkley said. "I never expected him to spring up like this."

Iran took NY1 around the area where Saquon and his family once lived. Many were excited to see the former boxing great.

Quickly, the conversation turned to Saquon returning home to New York as a professional football player, the second player selected overall in last week's draft.

"You know, it is a good look, man, that he got New York on his back. You know, right here, homegrown. Don't get no better, doesn't get any better," said one man.

Iran Barkley says he's looking forward to reconnecting with his great-nephew. He said he can't wait to see him score some touchdowns for the Giants.

The barbershop is hoping for that as well, looking forward to hanging Saquon's photo near one of the famed boxer.

Left photo above: AP Photo/Julie Jacobson