A homeless man -- seen on video punched and dragged off a Manhattan subway train by a police officer in May -- is no longer charged with a felony for kicking the officer's hand.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office announced Wednesday afternoon it was dropping the felony assault charge, although the man is still charged with a misdemeanor for resisting arrest.

The incident dates back to May 25. Officers asked the man -- whom the Legal Aid Society identified as Joseph -- to get off the train for taking up more than one seat. The man exited the train but moved into a different car. Police followed him and again asked him get off the train. 

When the officer tried to physically remove him, Joseph tried to strike the officer, police said. That's when the officer can be seen in the video punching him in the face repeatedly before throwing him to the ground.

Throughout body camera video -- obtained by the Legal Aid Society -- the man can be heard crying, asking why they are hurting him, and telling the arresting officers that he could not breathe. An officer's hand can be seen on the man's neck twice in the video.

Joseph was eventually handcuffed, restrained against a wall, and then taken to a local hospital on a stretcher.

The Legal Aid Society is demanding the DA drop all charges against the man, and is calling for the two officers involved to be fired. 

During his daily briefing Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he had not seen the video but will look into it.

Police also say the incident is under review.