WASHINGTON, D.C. — The heat on Capitol Hill is settling this week as Congress is out for holiday recess, but Democrats are still celebrating their victory against Republicans in the congressional baseball game, a summer tradition.

Out of more than 70 players, there were only two women—both from Southern California! 

Congresswoman Nanette Barragan, who covers parts of south Los Angeles, said it’s more than just a game; it can even impact Congress and communities across the nation. 

“Hey look, we’re equals, we can play just as well and do just as well,” said Barragan. 

Barragan said she hopes girls understand they are capable of playing in the big leagues. She said she invited about a dozen girls from a local team to watch the game. 

“We’re hoping that these girls get inspired,” said Barragan. 

Barragan said the game can bring encouragement to society but also a camaraderie in Congress.  

“It creates this sense of friendliness and all in good fun,” said Barragan. 

She said the teams would trash talk one another in the halls of the Capitol or hang out on opposing sides of the House floor. 

“It makes it easier to have a fun conversation,” said Barragan. “And to get to know somebody outside of the halls of Congress on a social level.”

The other congresswoman was Linda Sanchez who represents part of East Los Angeles. Barragan said together they want to empower more women to step up to the plate.

“I like to tell people in Southern California, let’s go and show our power,” said Barragan. 

She said for more women to play in the game, more women have to run for Congress first. 

The game raised about $1.3 million for various charities like the Boys and Girls Club.