Cynthia Nixon arrived at Albany's posh Fort Orange Club around midday for an event on education.

Nixon was asked about her position on the two percent property tax cap that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has hailed as a signature achievement.

"I support the property tax cap," the Democratic challengers for governor said to members of the news media. "I think that we have far too much burden placed on our property owners across New York state. They are very rent-burdened when it comes to property taxes."

The Cuomo team and their surrogates immediately seized on these comments, calling them a "180" and a "flip flop."

A spokesperson for the campaign issued a statement, saying, "Cynthia Nixon loudly proclaimed weeks ago that she was against Governor Cuomo's historic property tax cap, which has been a great success by all measures. Today, she sought to reverse her position and announced that she supported the tax cap."

But Nixon said the Cuomo team is misrepresenting her position.

"The comment that I made about the two percent cap being disastrous was never about the property tax," Nixon said. "What I was speaking about was the two percent state spending cap."

In an interview from March 26, Nixon appears to be talking about the cap on spending, not property taxes:

"I think the two percent cap on state spending is disastrous, and what it just means is it shrinks the budget year after year," Nixon said.

Meanwhile, Cuomo joined NY1 on Monday to weigh in on the debate over how to raise more revenue for the state.

He repeated his claim that New York has the highest "Millionaire's Tax" on the East Coast.

"We have a 'Millionaire's Tax,' which people forget," Cuomo said. "It's the second-highest in the United States of America. But it is not a real answer."

Several states, including New Jersey, actually have higher income tax rates than New York state. But if you combine the local tax rate in New York City with the state tax rate, then New York City residents pay the second-highest rate in the nation behind California.