Without much fanfare, and with far fewer spectators on Day Two than Day One, lawmakers concluded their interviews of more than a dozen candidates who have asked to be appointed state attorney general by the New York state legislature.

The state Assembly didn't seem sure about what comes next, even though the state Democratic Convention is scheduled to kick off next week. The party is expected to endorse a candidate for this fall's election at the convention.

"It's a deliberative process. In addition to that, they'll want to hear from us about who are the nominees that we would suggest to the conference," said State Assemblyman Joe Lentol of Brooklyn. "That will take a little bit of time. It may not be before the convention, is what I am saying. It may be after the convention."

Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle also didn't seem to know the timetable for choosing the appointment.

"I have no idea," he said. "Honestly, I think as far as we've gone is to make sure we had an opportunity for people who were interested in serving on an interim basis to come forward."

There is no rush to fill the position. Barbara Underwood is currently serving as acting attorney general after she was appointed last week following Eric Schneiderman's resignation.

During her interview with lawmakers Tuesday, she made it clear that she isn't interested in running for the position this fall.

At least one lawmaker noted that even many of those seeking the appointment have praised Underwood's credentials to remain in the post.

"You and other candidates have said something to that effect at least six times," State Sen. Brad Hoylman of Manhattan said to Underwood.

Democrats are expected back up in Albany next Tuesday. They have a very busy calendar in terms of passing bills, but it remains unclear if they will make the attorney general appointment. That could also mean sticking with Underwood. The Democratic convention is slated to begin next Wednesday.