Gov. Andrew Cuomo teamed up with the governor of Puerto Rico at a rally in the Bronx on Saturday, demanding that Washington does more to help the island.

"The disrespect shown by this administration is not just towards the people of Puerto Rico; this administration has shown disrespect for any people who they believe are different," Cuomo said.

New Yorkers joined them in rallies across the state Saturday, calling on the federal government to fund the island's $94.4 billion disaster relief aid package.

"We are treated as second-class citizens now. This is not going to change unless some other things change, and one of them is making sure that there is an accountability," Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said.

Cuomo and Rosselló, along with Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr. and actor John Leguizamo, urged Puerto Ricans to rally together until the government takes action.

The rally in the Woodstock section of the Bronx began with protests fireworks from some protesters, specifically critical of Rosselló and his policies on the island. Dozens of supporters quickly drowned them out, however.

About 30 percent of the island is still without power after Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico last fall, and, in some places, residents are lacking running water.