With hurricanes raging and global warming on their minds, Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined forces with former Secretary of State John Kerry and California Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday to discuss how some states are breaking from the Trump Administration and going it alone on global warming. Our Zack Fink has the story.

When President Trump announced in June that the United States would not abide by the Paris Climate Accord that was negotiated by the Obama Administration, New York, California, and several other states opted to adhere to the treaty on their own.

Their pledge includes reducing carbon emissions in line with other nations.

"In my opinion, this federal government is the most ignorant federal government we've ever had when it comes to the environment and climate change," Cuomo said at a press conference Wednesday.

Kerry negotiated the Paris Accord in 2015. "Mr. President, Paris was not a real estate deal that transpired in a matter of days, or weeks, or even months," Kerry said. "We worked at Paris for years."

New York and 14 other states are part of what is known as the U.S. Climate Alliance, which represents roughly 36 percent of the U.S. population and 41 percent of the nation's gross domestic product.

We asked if states breaking away from the federal government only aggravates a large ideological divide in the country.

"I think it is Washington that is in denial, and I think they are in their little Washington bubble," Cuomo responded. "And I understand it and I get it, but I don't think they are reflective of the American people at all."

"Yeah, they are divided, but the key to these states is the Republican Party, and the key to the Republican Party is business," Brown said. "Businesses, with our help and on their own, are coming around slowly to a strong climate agenda."

According to Cuomo, the Climate Alliance States will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 29 percent by the year 2025, which is right in line with the Paris Climate Accord.