Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday announced his plan for tackling the city's homelessness crisis.

About 60,000 people sleep in shelters across the city each night.

Key parts of the plan include adding 90 shelters and expanding capacity at existing sites over the next five years.

The mayor says solving the overall problem will be a slow process, but that he's aiming to cut the number of people living in shelters by 2,500 by 2021.

"I today cannot see an end. I can see improvement and constant progress if we all do things right. But again, I’m not going to lie to the people of New York City and say I have a defined end in sight. I know how we get better. I know if we continuously do this work, we might find solutions that are even deeper," de Blasio said.

The mayor also says he plans to get rid of cluster sites, which are landlord-operated apartment buildings known for having poor conditions.

He also wants to stop using hotels as shelters.