A team of rivals? When it comes to the Trump administration, it’s turning out to be a confederacy of dunces.

With yesterday's stunning tag-team plunge of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, the president has to be worried that his former confidantes will do or say anything to shorten their likely federal prison sentences.

None of this should really be any surprise to Trump. No one would ever confuse Manafort for Lee Atwater or Cohen for Alan Dershowitz. And when you hire the D Team to run your campaign or be your “lawyer”, you get D’s.

Trump and some of his supporters are now pointing out that none of this has anything to do with Russian collusion. But that’s beside the point. Al Capone – Trump’s favorite mobster – went to prison on tax evasion charges, not for his staggering body count.

Team Trump’s body count, meanwhile, is growing while the number of valid excuses is dwindling. Yesterday’s news further jeopardizes the Republican hold on Congress which then further jeopardizes Trump’s hold on the White House.

How long will the elephant stay in Donald Trump’s room?


Bob Hardt