Jillian Jorgensen is a born and raised New Yorker with Staten Island roots.

Jillian joined the NY1 newsroom in March of 2019 as the education reporter.

For Jillian, her inspiration comes from meeting students who are so eager to learn, teachers who have devoted their lives to educating children and parents who are tireless advocates for their kids. A graduate of the New York City public school system, Jillian now gets to cover the schools she grew up attending. 

Prior to joining the Spectrum News NY1 team, Jillian spent close to a decade covering City Hall and questioning the mayor. But the first time Jillian had the chance to grill a mayor, she was just 17 years old, at a press conference with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was visiting her high school, Staten Island Tech. Jillian asked whether the city's newest specialized schools would admit good test takers rather than well-rounded students. She is still asking this question, many years -- and a new mayor -- later. 

With thousands of stories under her byline, Jillian says one of her most memorable was about a Syrian woman who offered a cooking lesson at Enoteca Maria, a restaurant on Staten Island. Despite the language barrier, the refugee was so excited to share her culture with Jillian. Days after the story was published, President Donald Trump announced he had suspend visas for people fleeing Syria. 

Outside of the newsroom, Jillian is president of The Inner Circle, a 98-year-old organization of NYC journalists. She spends most of her free time with her husband, Andrew, and their pup, Toby. Passionate about cooking and baking, Jillian’s specialty is making fresh pasta from scratch, especially ravioli. And if her reporting takes her back to Staten Island, you can find her grabbing a quick bite at Denino's Pizzeria.