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Josh Robin covers a range of issues for NY1, with the only constant that it concerns fellow New Yorkers.

Since joining NY1 in 2005, he has covered numerous local, statewide and presidential political campaigns; detailed how climate change threatens the city; and reported major investigations that influenced policy-makers.

Most notably, in June 2018, he reported that the Trump administration was sending unaccompanied immigrant children who had been separated from their parents to foster care in New York. Exclusive footage of the girls on an East Harlem sidewalk became international news and went viral on the web, which is seen as leading the president to sign an executive order that very afternoon.

Robin also is the guest host for "Inside City Hall," NY1's nightly political program.

Robin joined NY1 after a career in newspapers, writing for Newsday, The Seattle Times and The New York Times. He is now a contributor to The Daily Beast. He says his journalism career really started as a college student in a Nairobi, Kenya-based program. While a stringer for the Nairobi Law Monthly, he reported on allegations of police brutality along the border with Sudan.

Robin received an undergraduate degree from Tufts and a master's degree from Stanford. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, journalist Manoush Zomorodi, and their children, who attend local public schools.

He can be reached on Twitter @joshrobin.