Our New Yorkers of the Week are a group of moms on a mission. They're doing their part in helping the homeless in Corona, while setting a good example for a younger generation.  NY1's Pat Kiernan has the story.

The idea that hard times can happen to anyone is what made Sandra Montoya spring into action. 

"This could be me, this could be a family member, this could be our children," Montoya said.

Montoya is part of the Parent-Teacher Association at IS 61 in Corona.

When she and other parents noticed an influx of homeless people in a nearby park, they decided to do something about it, one meal at a time.

"In the neighborhood where we live, there are a lot of needy people here and we want to be the difference makers," Montoya said.

Montoya is just one of a dozen parents at the school hoping to make a difference.

Thanks to donations, the PTA members make bagels, sandwiches, and hot coffee to give to those in need.

The team then walks half a mile with 60 meals in tow every month to feed their fellow neighbors. 

"The people we serve are truly happy about what we can provide them, many don't really have food to eat and really need it," said Rafaela Heredia, a parent volunteer.

"We feel very good about being able to give back, even a little bit, to people in need because there are a lot of people in need out there. And all of the work that the volunteers do is from the heart," Joventina Galindo, a parent volunteer.

From their hearts with hopes of also feeding the minds of the future.

"A lot of our kids actually volunteer. The kids see it because they walk from all over Corona to the school and they notice that their parents are helping, so why can't they?" said Elizabeth Larsen, IS 61 assistant principal.

That's the legacy Montoya and the other parents hope to leave behind.

"We want I.S. 61 to be the example as to how to help the community and for other schools look at us as a leader in this cause," Montoya said.

So for taking care of the community beyond the school yard, Sandra Montoya and the IS 61 volunteers are our New Yorkers of the Week.