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NY1 Political Director Bob Hardt shares his analysis on the week in city politics.

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Political Buzz: City Hall's big wheel keeps on turning

“New Yorkers always sought out the newest and the best in their own lives. As citizens, however, they collectively tolerated a government possessing neither attribute - until now.” – Mayor John Lindsay, Inauguration Day, Jan. 1, 1966.

It’s easy to think you’ve reinvented the political wheel when you’ve just been elected mayor of New York City. Surely you’re a charismatic genius who’s poised for greatness because you won an election. But the path leading out of City Hall’s back door is littered with chutzpah. Witness a parade of glorious mayors who had inglorious endings, from Jimmy Walker to William O’Dwyer to John Lindsay to Ed Koch to Rudy Giuliani, not to mention Icarus-like casualties in Albany that include Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo.