New York state officials on Monday detailed new guidelines and rules for nursing home visitations as COVID-19 testing of guests will be playing a larger role. 

The previous rule of barring guests from nursing homes that have had a COVID case within 14 days remains in effect. 

What is different is the level of testing requirements set to be in place when the new rules take effect on Friday. 

If the COVID rate in a county is less than 5%, no testing will be required for nursing home guests. If the rate is at 5% to 10%, testing of guests will be required. Guests are barred when the COVID rate is 10% and above. 

The state will provide nursing homes with COVID tests.

Meanwhile, if a guest has had both COVID shots within 90 days, a test is not required, but encouraged, state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said. 

Nursing homes will also be required to limit the number of guests in a facility at a given time and nursing homes will have to have separate rooms for visitations.