A packed Sunday Mass as a few hundred gathered to celebrate Orthodox Easter at the St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church.

The holiday is one of the most important for Ukrainians.

“It’s joyous, as you can see the way we’re trying to celebrate here today. We spend it with family you’re rejoicing in the holiday in the peace that it symbolizes. And that’s kind of our hope as we’re all collectively praying here today that peace will seize over there,” said Ulana Blahy after attending the mass.

Many praying for peace in Ukraine. Today reflecting on the last two months of war happening back in the country. This year the holiday is more somber.

“A lot of people lost family it’s very bad about war. It’s kids, woman. Right now we can't celebrate how we before celebrated,” said Victor Sydirv, parishoner of the church.

Some at the church Sunday said this year, it was more important than ever for them to come to Mass.

“We’re here because this is our tradition that’s one of the way how we can support Ukraine. We need to do it and show all Americans and all the world that we are united now, because the things what’s going on in Ukraine is horrible,” said Yulia Vyshnevska, parishoner of the church.