You may recognize Lisa Marie Riley from her funny TikToks, Facebook, and now, your local TD Bank.

The Staten Islander, also known as “One Funny Lisa Marie,” is being honored for spreading positivity and laughter through these tough times.

Her larger-than-life photo hangs outside TD Bank branches across the island to recognize her larger-than-life online personality.

What You Need To Know

  • Lisa Marie Riley is “One Funny Lisa Marie” on social media 

  • She started a social media platform as a way to cope and joke around with family after her husband was diagnosed with cancer

  • She has over 340,000 followers on TikTok 

"We pulled in here cause I come here," Riley said as she stood outside the TD bank she frequents. "I overdraft often, and I came in, and my son goes, 'Ma, that’s you!' And I said, 'Oh my God, is it.' It’s an out-of-body experience, that a picture of you is on a bank. I mean, come on!” 

But Riley's fun social media presence stems from her own hardships.

“My husband got diagnosed with cancer, and my sister made me an Instagram page to joke around, just so we can joke around, 'cause it was a hard time for us," she said. "We’re still going, and we’re still making videos, and I’m gonna keep doing it until we get a clean scan. And we haven’t got one yet — it’s almost three years — but we’re gonna keep going until we get one."

More than 340,000 people follow Riley on TikTok. She calls them her friends. And the number of friends grew significantly as New Yorkers were glued to their phones during the lockdown period of the pandemic.

People stop her in the streets thanking her for being a positive part of their days.

“They all say I helped them, and they helped me through the hardest times. It saved my mind and my mental state," she said. "You know, he’s sick, but I got kids. I got a life just like everybody else, and I got a lot of stuff to do. I didn’t let it consume me, I let it distract me."

Riley said she hopes that her videos can serve as a reminder that anyone can make it through the worst of times if they have a positive attitude and surround themselves with good people.

“I hope nobody has to go through anything terrible. I don’t wish that on anybody, but unfortunately if you have to, you gotta lean on people, you gotta find friends in places you never thought you’d find friends” she said.

And of course, laughter.

“Without laughter, you got nothing. You know what I mean?" she said. "Your bills will still be there, but you can laugh about it. Your problems will still be there but you can laugh about it."

"Sickness will still be there, but you gotta laugh about it, 'cause you gotta create your environment to adjust to you instead of making your environment consume you," she added.