BRONX, N.Y. — Nicole Lehoczky recently filmed her latest TikTok video at Hudson River Park.

What You Need To Know

  • Teacher Nicole Lehoczky uses TikTok as an educational tool

  • She used the platform to connect with students during remote learning

  • Students watched the videos on the popular platform 

  • She has more than 100,000 followers

She is an elementary school teacher in the Bronx who made a TikTok account to engage her students during remote learning.

"It's really, really challenging being a teacher during a pandemic. No one knew how to teach or what to expect, but I think breaking down that barrier and going beyond Zoom or what Google Meet was getting," said Lehoczky. "I'm going beyond that. And reaching them on TikTok has really really deepened my connection and built more relationships with more students than I could have expected or hope for."

She found TikTok to be a helpful educational tool.

"I think when you combine all the amazing things that TikTok has to offer — the trends, the dances, the songs, the lingo — and if you tie that stuff into what you are trying to teach, it's going to resonate with them a lot more than just teaching it to them," said Lehoczky. "I'm kind of known as the TikTok teacher. I think it kind of gives me a little bit of an advantage because TikTok is so popular with elementary school students."

She makes TikTok videos on subjects including math and grammar, and she's getting good feedback.

"I've had parents reach out to me and tell me how much their child looks forward to seeing my TikToks," Lehoczky said.

Lehoczky's students aren't the only ones watching her TikTok videos. She started the account right before the pandemic hit and now she has more than 100,000 followers.

"I hope to continue to build and enhance relationships with my students," Lehoczky said.

She plans to keep the momentum going through the summer and as students return to the classroom next year.