There was a long line outside the Yankee Stadium ticket office Wednesday, but not for a ball game. People were there to book an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine.

"I just want an appointment, if I get an appointment and they say come back in two weeks, at least I know to come back and it will be here and I'll be ready to come through," said Bronx resident Michael Smith.

A large block of appointments opened at 11 A.M. for vaccinations at Yankee Stadium using the just-approved one-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

What You Need To Know

  • Bronx residents lined up outside Yankee Stadium to make COVID-19 vaccine appointments

  • A large block of overnight appointments opened for the just-approved one-dose Johnson & Johnson shot

  • This comes as Javits reaches 100,000 vaccination milestone

Computer problems caused a delay in the process, but eventually they were resolved. Bronx resident Jesus Cedeno said it was worth the wait. 

"This is the one I want. I don't want the other one. I want Johnson & Johnson," he said. "Because this is the best, only one shot and it stops me from going to the hospital."

Yankee Stadium, as well as Javits Center, will be opening 24/7 as part of a state pilot program to distribute the J&J shot. 

Nearly 165,000 doses were allocated to New York, opening thousands of appointments for those eligible, on top of the allotments from Pfizer and Moderna.

"One shot or two dose, it doesn't matter, take the vaccine. It will save lives," said Bronx resident Dave Ray.

This all comes as the Javits Center announced a milestone; more than 100,000 inoculations since it opened as a vaccination hub in mid-January; 8,000 vaccines were given Tuesday alone.

However, with more people coming through, there once again are long lines, with some reporting hours of waiting. 

In a statement, the Governor’s Office said, “As we expand to vaccinate more New Yorkers, folks might notice some growing pains, but we are actively addressing these concerns in real time.”