NEW YORK - In a phone interview with NY1’s Roma Torre Wednesday afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo responded to President Donald Trump’s threats to send in federal security teams to help manage the uptick in crime and the coronavirus response.

Cuomo responded saying it’s not welcome.

Acknowledging the “serious problems” the city is facing with crime, homelessness, civil unrest, and the coronavirus, he said sending in federal troops would be counterproductive and that “if New York City is in a situation that requires it, the state will act.”

Governor Cuomo weighed in on senate republicans split against the president on a new stimulus package, calling the senators “disingenuous” for looking to withhold aid to the state.

“These senators are from the same state where every year they take out more than they put in,” Cuomo said. They “will take this nation downhill quickly.”

Cuomo said he doesn’t believe democrats in congress will pass a bill unless it helps the state and the city.

He said he remains hopeful senators will change their tune on the stimulus bill.

Asked about how New Yorkers will manage without rent relief, Cuomo responded saying no one has to worry about eviction or foreclosure if they cannot afford to pay rent during the COVID-19 crisis, a measure he put in place at the height of the coronavirus.