RALEIGH--  People have lost their jobs for a number of reasons and no income means no money for rent. The statewide eviction moratorium expired last month, leaving more people needing help. 

Leaders and activists in the Triangle have created a GoFundMe account-- called “Stand in the Gap for a Neighbor.” It's to raise money for families facing eviction, primarily in southeast Raleigh.

“We’re here to help facilitate,” said Terrance Ruth, the president of the Justice Love Foundation. “The organizers give us the list, gives us who are in the most need and we write the check to the landlord, we confirm the amount and we’re really making a difference in the community. But it’s really the community making a difference in the community and that’s what’s positive.”

Organizers say they're just providing temporary relief and are looking to leaders at the state and federal level to help long term, as this pandemic is far from over. “That’s our largest concern,” explained Ruth. “We’re a temporary relief for families who are trying to figure out what is the long term plan. And so we’re leaning on our local leaders, both political and community. And we’re leaning on our statewide leaders to help us find a solution to this particular problem.”

This initiative has already helped several families. If you'd like to help, click here.

Organizations across the state are also helping families facing eviction.

If you're looking for assistance in Guilford County, click here.

If you're looking for assistance in the Charlotte area, click here