Acts of kindness can encourage more acts of kindness.

What You Need To Know:

  • The Sixth Street Art Coalition is raising money for the Sixth Street Community Center Emergency Food Pantry
  • You can make cash donations, food donations or buy something off the sixth street art coalition website.
  • Two Brooklyn teachers created Brooklyn Cares and raised$ 26,000 to feed frontline workers while working full time.

Ali Fischbein watched as the sixth street community center in Alphabet City served more than 1,400 families in a month through their emergency food distribution.

So she collaborated with local artists to raise money for the Center's emergency food pantry by selling artwork on the Sixth Street Art Coalition website, including  a limited edition print by Yok and Sheryo who painted the iconic Alphabet City mural on the RCN building on Avenue C.

"There are  plenty of ways that you can get involved,” Fischbein said, “whether it be monetary donations, food donations or purchasing the items we are selling directly on our website."

100% of the profits go to the emergency food pantry. The Community Center is also making deliveries.

Two teachers at St. Ann's school in Brooklyn Heights, Michele and Stephanie created Brooklyn Cares. They hoped to raise $5,000 so they could help take care of the frontline workers and small businesses in their Brooklyn community. They raised more than $26,000. And they did it all while giving exams, writing student reports and helping their own children with end of the year projects.

"It's been really challenging trying to plan this fundraiser while working full time and helping with virtual schooling with our own children, but it's given us such a sense of pride and purpose to be able to help out in this one small way during a time that is so difficult for so many people here in the city,” said Stephanie Schragger, co-founder of Brooklyn Cares.

They took that money and starting delivering meals with the help of colleagues, giving more than 1,700 meals to local hospitals and to the Cobble Hill Health Center which has been hard hit by coronavirus deaths. Visit their GoFundMe page. you can find it by searching “Brooklyn Cares.”