Picture it, its 7 p.m. and the city is cheering on the medical professionals battling the coronavirus, and as you go to your window to observe the celebration, your significant other asks you to marry them.

On Thursday night, Talia Stark came home from work and walked to her fire escape to observe the city's cheers. She’s a doctor working 24 hour shifts in a coronavirus intensive care unit at Mt. Sinai Hospital. When she got to her fire escape, her boyfriend Aaron was there ready to ask her to marry him. Aaron Lesser moved to the city just before Cuomo's PAUSE order went into effect.

Aaron and Talia have been dating long distance. When Aaron knew that lockdown was imminent he jumped on a plane to go to New York City and be quarantined with Talia in order to support her while she fights coronavirus on the frontlines.



Talia's brother David reached out to NY1 to share the joyous occasion, that on Thursday night Aaron proposed to Talia on the fire escape with flowers and champagne to the live music of a band playing a concert for them from inside of their cars down below on the street.

The audience included NYPD, neighbors and passerbys. This all took place during a time when the city usually celebrates the medical personnel working on the frontlines. But instead Talia and Arron turned the celebration into a moment of joy to celebrate their love in the time of coronavirus.