QUEENS, N.Y. - It’s been a week. But for the Moore Family — that week feels like a year. For starters, this family of four is now a family of five. Their newest daughter Margaret was born last Monday, in the middle of a pandemic.

“When we were going into the hospital and even as we were going through the delivery there was so much uncertainty given all of the news that was happening. And everything was happening just as such a breakneck speed,” said Tyler Moore, an Astoria resident.

And just 32 hours after Emily Moore was admitted into the hospital, she was on her way back to Queens. That's when Emily and Tyler decided to pack-up their two-bedroom apartment and move their family to their summer house in rural Pennsylvania.

"If we were going to be on our own for a month, this was a place that we would have a little bit of space to get outside and do that,” said Emily.

But this is by no means a vacation for the Moore Family. Tyler says they brought all the necessary supplies with them and they are self-quarantining, spending time in their backyard and leaving only to take short walks.

"We do believe that we are taking all of the necessary precautions as to not burden this little town, and for us that really means our car stays parked in the garage,” said Tyler.

The Moores also plan to check-in with their pediatrician back in the city remotely from Pennsylvania.

“We’ll be doing weight checks from home and some of those things that we would normally go to the doctor for,” said Emily.

Tyler is a city teacher and plans on teaching remotely from his cottage in three weeks, once paternity leave ends.

Meantime, he's documenting their journey on his Instagram page @TidyDad. He also runs a blog at thetidydad.com sharing cleaning tips and ways to lead a simpler, less cluttered life, a message he says is more relevant now than ever.

"I want to help inspire others to really think creatively about what they have inside their homes,  not only to keep their kids entertained but to keep sane as well,” said Tyler.

But throughout the moments of uncertainty, this Queens family says they are certain love will get them through - in Pennsylvania not in New York.