Students at New Dorp High say a video posted online shows a student outside the school getting punched and kicked as her classmates stand by.

“It was just like a lot of drama in school and Snapchat and stuff like that. And just like got taken onto outside of school. And they just started to like go crazy,” one student who claims to have seen the altercation said.  

“There was just a bunch of police cars everywhere,” said another.

The NYPD says students from two other borough high schools attacked the New Dorp student to settle a beef that began on social media, and that one of the attackers was arrested.

On Thursday, the police deployed extra officers outside the school at dismissal time to discourage students from causing trouble. Officers also could be seen outside a Starbucks, a gas station and a parking lot nearby.

City Councilman Steven Matteo says Tuesday's altercation was the latest in a series of troubling incidents outside the school.

“I’ve heard of incidents of unfortunately students attacking other students and physical violence. That’s obviously not acceptable; we’re very concerned. And parents who have called here are obviously very concerned,” Matteo said.

Matteo says he sent a letter to the MTA requesting additional buses be assigned to the school during dismissal. The agency has yet to respond, but students we spoke with say that’s a good idea.

“Less drama if you go home faster, you know,” a student told us.

School administrators are also taking the issue seriously. We're told they are evaluating their dismissal plan to determine if it should be changed.

The NYPD says none of the incidents at the school in recent weeks are related...and plans to continue its extra patrols until further notice.