Three thousand pounds of confetti will rain down on Times Square to welcome 2020 — and some pieces will contain handwritten wishes for the new year:

"A dog," said a woman from England.

The Times Square Alliance brought back its popular Wishing Wall. It's been a holiday tradition for more than a decade, offering the chance to make the big celebration feel more personal.

"As it falls at midnight, it is just a magical experience, thinking of some stranger landing on their head or in their hand or wherever and just seeing that wish and saying, 'Gosh, I hope that comes true for this person,'" added TJ Witham, the director of communications for the Times Square Alliance.

Some people are wishing are for things they want for themselves:

"Explore, travel, and love."

"It is really cheesy, but I wish for love and happiness."

"I wish my sister has a baby girl next year, basically. She is pregnant."

"I wish to come back to this beautiful place next year. We are going to save really hard and try our best."

Others are writing down hopes that are universal:

"More love in the world, more understanding."

"To be present. Too often we get too focused on all the stuff of life and we miss out on what is important, which is the people."

"I want everybody to be healthy and peace in the world."

If you can't physically make it down to Times Square to write it down there and hang it up yourself, you can always go online and submit one there.

"We will print that on a piece of confetti and include it in the over 25 million pieces that get dropped at midnight," added Witham.

The wall is located on Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets. It will accept wishes through December 29, but not on Christmas Day.


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