Mayor Bill de Blasio says he’s getting reports that a nationwide crackdown on immigrants facing deportation began on Saturday in New York City.

The sweeps were expected to start Sunday, but de Blasio tweeted that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency had already taken action in New York. Mayor de Blasio says the attempts by ICE to remove immigrants in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and Harlem have been unsuccessful, however.

Immigrants who’ve been given orders to leave the country are government targets in at least 10 cities.

Advocates, and city and state officials are coaching them on their rights, including instructions not to respond if agents knock on the door unless shown a warrant signed by a judge.

The mayor has said publicly that the city would not cooperate with ICE.

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson also confirmed the arrest attempts at a news conference, and provided detailed instructions if ICE officials come knocking.

"You have the right to an attorney, you have the right to stay silent and do not sign anything,” Johnson said. "If ICE officers show up at your home, ask if they have a warrant. If they don't have a warrant, do not let them into your home without permission. They are not allowed to come into your home unless they have a warrant."

The NYPD also tweeted about the situation a few days ago.

City and state officials urge any New Yorker in need of immigration assistance to contact the Liberty Defense Project via the New York State New Americans Hotline or through email.