Reggae Dancehall artist Spice, who's known for very risqué dance moves and lyrics, flipped the script with her song “Black Hypocrisy.”

The song is not about having a good time, but rather what she calls “colorism,” the prejudice by some black people against other black people with darker skin.

"I just wanted a young girl, young dark skin black women, that they are beautiful," Spice said.

In the music video, Spice passionately sings about the issue and even appears with her skin lightened, something she also did on the VH1 reality show, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She is one of its stars.

She says her appearing lighter was simply to make a point and she wouldn't actually do that in real life.

"Doesn't matter if you are a lighter shade or a darker shade, we are all black people and we should just love and appreciate each other," Spice said.

Spice is known as the new Queen of dancehall and is a major star in Jamaica. Dancehall music generally has more sexual and violent lyrics than reggae.

"I bring that energy,” Spice said. “Once the ladies hear me start singing they just want to move, they want to dance, they just want to have fun in the clubs. Just gyrating the waistline, that's my style, that's my style of music."

The dancehall genre has had several female stars who helped to pave the way for Spice.  

"I still want to be able to pay homage to the queens before me who set the trend. That's why I say the new queen of the dancehall," Spice said. "I want to put some respect on it because there were queens before me."

Spice is continuing to grow her audience in the U.S. And appearing on Love and Hip Hop is definitely helping the performer to do that.

Spice says the wigs and risqué clothing are for the character on stage.

She also wants to help people with the Grace Hamilton Women Empowerment Foundation, which bears her legal name.

"[It’s] foundation that I created to enrich women through education and entrepreneurship," Spice said.