Farewell hugs, sweet treats, and talk of keeping in touch: the rituals of the last day of school.

"The last day of school is fun because it's the last time you're able to see all your friends until next year," student William Wilson said.

At P.S. 33 in Chelsea, the end of the school year had the staff in dancing mood, they surprised students with a flash mob performance in the school yard before class.

"It just celebrates the diversity and the happiness that we have at this school and we just thought this was a great to really send the students off," principal Cindy Wang said.

The dance was a hit with students. But not as sweet as the final bell, kicking off their summer breaks, since many of them have big plans.

"Go on vacation!" Aurora Linton cried.

"I'm gonna go to summer camp and ballet school and music school," Pryncess Ross said.

"I'm probably going to go to the beach and hang out with my best friend. I'm probably going to write to my friends," Finn Kennedy said.

For many students, the last nine months weren't so bad, either.

"Good, and fun ... I learned math, reading and writing," Aurora said.

Not all the goodbyes were temporary, certainly not for friends attending different schools in September, or fifth graders  moving on to middle school.

"We've worked with them hard all year long and now is the time to say goodbye to them, and to sometimes say goodbye to staff members that are moving forward or fifth graders who are moving on to middle school. And it's just a very bittersweet time of year," Wang, said.

But most of these kids will be back here in the new school year.

Students also got their report cards today, but that didn't seem to bring down any of the summer spirit.