Just off the corner of Lexington Avenue on 101st Street is a store where you can come in and buy a box of Thin Mints, or any other Girl Scout cookie you're craving.

For the young girls tasked with selling the sweets, it's a lot better than setting up a stand outside a supermarket.

"This pop-up store is actually kind of better than setting a table outside, because if it's too cold it keeps in all the heat," said Persya, a Girl Scout.

The pop-up shop opened earlier this spring in a narrow space that a salon once occupied. It's the first time the Girl Scouts of Greater New York have operated a physical store to sell their cookies.

"We always want to keep the Girl Scout cookie relevant to the business landscape. So pop-up shops are very hip, but it also gives one more way for customers to buy cookies and one more way for girls to sell," said Lindsey Cosgrove, the chief strategy officer of Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

This year, they're also selling them out of a food truck, the epitome of cool. Persya, Maddie, and Jahan each sold more than 500 boxes of cookies last year, putting them in an elite class of salespeople known as cookie executives. Jahan said she said did it by:

"Sitting in my lobby for like hours and hours a day, going to my dad's office a lot."

The pop-up store is open to troops across the area; they just have to sign up for a time. The whole idea of the annual cookie sale is to teach girls new business skills and how to be more comfortable in public. This store helps accomplish that.

"Before I was a Girl Scout, I was kind of very shy," Girl Scout Maddie said. "This kind of like brought me out of my comfort zone."

If you want to buy a box of Samoas, the store is open 2 to 7 from Wednesday to Friday, Saturday from 10 to 6, and Sunday from 1 to 5. The store will remain open until the end of the month, and there's talk of setting up another pop-up store next year.


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