BROOKLYN, N.Y. - The sidewalk can get pretty crowded during pick up and drop off at the Vizhnitz Cheder, a yeshiva located on 53rd Street in Borough Park. But surveillance video shows that didn't stop one driver from throwing caution to the wind Wednesday morning, driving onto the sidewalk past several school buses and nearly hitting several children. 

"Unacceptable because the kids are the most important thing in our life, we should take care of them and this guy he didn't take care at all," said one neighborhood resident.

The driver took to the sidewalk in what seems like an attempt to avoid the traffic stopped on 53rd Street — forcing the little boys to scramble out of the way — before taking off.

Former state assemblyman Dov Hikind says he's outraged that three and four year olds were put in harm's way.

"Could have killed two or three of them easily this morning, when I saw that all I could think about was that could have been my grandchild," said Hikind. "I want this guy arrested, I want to send a message to everybody that the kids on these buses are your kids."

The blue Toyota Avalon is clearly visible with the license plate in full view. Some now hope the driver will be held accountable. 

"In my opinion police should definitely should catch up to the driver and give him at least a big fine," said one neighborhood resident.

Hikind says the video and the license plate have been shared with police at the 66th precinct.

It's still unclear whether police plan to arrest the driver.