This season, fashion legend Elie Tahari had a real supermodel, Christie Brinkley, walk the runway, and stars lined the front rows as he celebrated his 45th season at New York Fashion Week.

Tahari said his inspiration for this year’s look was the 70s, and that he wanted his clothes to inspire confidence and energy in the people wearing them.

“When I think of Elie Tahari, I think of luxury, but I also think of work,” said actress Laverne Cox. “I think of clothes I can wear to work and professionally. I chose this suit because I feel powerful, because I feel I can conquer the world, and I think those are the kind of clothes that Elie does.”

After the show, we got reactions from the fabulous Thorne sisters, Bella and Dani.

“I thought it was an amazing show, I love the detail,” Dani said. “Getting to see the fabrics and the sparkles in person, it was breath-taking, and the music was awesome!”

I'm obsessed with all of the colors…The olive greens and the furs and just the sleeves,” Bella added. “All the sleeve cuts: amazing, beautiful!”

Judging from the fashionistas in attendance, it seems as though Elie Tahari has had another fantastic NYFW to add to his illustrious career.