Neighbors screamed in agony as they watched a tragic scene unfold outside their Bronx apartment window: a group of emergency medical technicians performing chest compressions, desperately trying to save a four-year-old girl who had fallen out a window four stories above.

They scooped her from the ground and rushed her to a waiting ambulance.

Police say it happened just before 5 p.m. Saturday at 685 East 140th Street.

They say the girl's mother was home and another adult was watching the child.

“If you want to know, they good peoples,” said Frank Robles, one of the family’s neighbors. “They take care of the kids, it was just a bad tragedy.”

The girl was later pronounced dead at Lincoln Medical Center.

Neighbors say they pray for the family and are thinking of their own children and grandchildren.

“Oh my goodness, it’s heartbreaking, it’s heartbreaking. I kid you not. I was just talking about this to my family members,” said Ana Roman, another neighbor. “I’m like, ‘I feel something’s going to go wrong,’ and I’m looking out the window and I’m looking at my window guard because I buy them. I don’t wait for somebody to put them on.”

According to city law, landlords of buildings with three or more units must install and maintain window guards in apartments where children are under the age of ten live.

A senior police official says an air conditioning unit was installed where a window guard would be, but it wouldn't have helped in this case, because the girl climbed up and fell out of the top portion of the window, above the lower window pane.

There are no arrests and the investigation continues.