Kathryn Garcia has held lot of jobs at City Hall, including lead czar, and sanitation commissioner.

And she is about to get a new title: interim chair of the New York City Housing Authority.

She won’t start the job until February 15th, but in a rare move she stopped by the press room at City Hall on Wednesday afternoon, taking about 15 minutes of questions from reporters.

"Should I fail to plow a street, I know about it pretty quickly and we want to be responsive at NYCHA as we are at sanitation,” said Garcia. “It's about big systems. And making sure that big systems function for the people they are supposed to serve."

Her appointment comes at an extremely tumultuous time for NYCHA.

Last week the city, the Trump Administration and federal prosecutors signed a consent agreement to install a federal monitor at the housing authority.

The agreement comes after a massive investigation by the U.S. Attorney's office that confirmed the horrible conditions NYCHA tenants live with and alleged the agency was riddled with fraud.

Garcia will now have to temporarily take the reins while the feds and the city search for a permanent chair and CEO.

"My intention is not to be the permanent chair,” Garcia said. “There is a process for that in the southern district and at HUD."

Her job for now is to make sure the city starts immediately complying with the new agreement.

For one, the city has just weeks to fix lead paint hazards in thousands of apartments with young children. It's a number that keeps growing, because NYCHA cannot always access apartments. As of this writing, it's at 3,793.

"I am committed to making sure with Vito that we get it done and the mayor has been pretty clear if we need help from other agencies, we can get it," Garcia said.

Garcia says she only expects to stay in this position for 90 days.