Facing swirling criticism over a deal to build a new headquarters in Queens, Amazon goes on the offensive, detailing a slew of silver linings for its new neighbors.

The online retailer released an open letter to the city of New York today giving a rundown of all the benefits it claims it will bring to Long Island City.

The letter lists the investments Amazon pledges to make, including creating 25 thousand new jobs over ten years, bringing 27 billion dollars in state and local tax revenue and the donation of real estate to build a new public school in the neighborhood.

In November, Amazon announced it was opening one of two new headquarters in Long Island City.

The agreement included more than $1.5 billion in tax incentives for Amazon.

Opponents are concerned about the impact on the community, including transportation, housing and infrastructure.

They also say the agreement reached by the city and state is a government handout to one of the wealthiest corporations in America.