Photo caption: Veteran Mariecha Rowe-Watson, of New York, right, watches as the Veterans Day Parade makes its way up New York's Fifth Avenue Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018. AP Photo/Tina Fineberg.

The 99th annual Veterans Day Parade kicked off Sunday, with thousands lining the streets of Manhattan to catch a glimpse.

A procession of more than 25,000 service members and veterans marched up Fifth Avenue.

All branches of the military showed their stars and stripes. Some played music, and others chanted marching cadances.

The parade began at Madison Square Park with an opening ceremony and wreath-laying attended by Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Attendees said they came to show their support for the people who fight for our freedom to this day.

"I think our generation doesn't do a very good job of supporting veterans like other generations have, and so I feel like it's my obligation to kind of inspire this in our daughter as well," said Amanda Yaari, the wife of a veteran.

"We are always fighting, and we will always fight for freedom. And that's a big, big word. And we'll continue to fight for freedom," said Luke Gasparri, a World War II veteran.

Medal of Honor Recipient Florent Groberg served as the grand marshal for this year's parade, which wrapped up at Fifth Avenue at West 46th Street.