Some NYCHA residents in Harlem are saying they feel unsafe, after an investigation finds all ten entrances in the building are either broken or don't lock.

A team from the state comptroller's office took a tour of about 300 NYCHA developments across the city and found eight of the 10 rear exits at the at the Martin Luther King Towers weren't locked.

City law requires self-closing and locking doors in buildings with more than eight units.

"It actually makes me feel like my kids aren’t safe coming into the building. I don’t feel safe at night when I come home. It’s all really scary," one resident said.

"The rapes that’s going on, the crime, rats is coming in the lobby because the door is kept open. So you have rodents running in the lobby. And anyone can come in and out," another added.

The inspections found 65 percent of NYCHA developments throughout the city had unsecured doors.

61 percent had more than half their doors unlocked.

And 47 percent had no security cameras at the front entrances.

The comptroller’s office is recommending a review of all NYCHA security.

NYCHA says it will fix the problems immediately.