NEW YORK - The man accused of throwing his infant son into the East River was arraigned in a Manhattan court Friday after arriving back in the United States.

James Currie was extradited to New York after being taken into custody in Thailand.

He is charged with concealing a human corpse. Additional charges may be filed pending an autopsy.

The criminal complaint shows Currie sent a text to his estranged wife saying, "the good news is we will never see each other again," and when asked where their son was, Currie responded, "you will never see him again."

Prosecutors say the messages were sent just before the child's body was discovered.

Currie will appear before a grand jury this Tuesday. 

Police say 7-month-old Mason Saldana was found floating near the Brooklyn Bridge.

They say surveillance video shows Currie leaving his apartment with the child, who they believe was already dead.

The boy's mother reported him missing when he never arrived at day care.

A judge issued a temporary order of protection for Currie. 

He is being held without bail.