The original story went this way: NYPD Sergeant Richard Blake was being robbed by Thavone Santana just before 5 a.m. Thursday morning.

A day later, it's a much different story. Surveillance video shows Blake and Santana in an argument. Santana's hand looks to be in his pocket. He approaches Blake. The off-duty sergeant then shoots him in the face.

“I want justice for my son and my family," said Arrie Spencer, Santana's mother.

Santana's mother and community activists met with the Brooklyn DA's office on Friday. Sources tell NY1 that the two had a history, fighting over the same woman.

Santana remains in the hospital.

"There was no weapon involved," said Kevin McCall of the National Action Network. "This wasn't about a robbery. This was about a man, an officer did not control his temper.”

According to sources, the object you can see Blake drop, then pick up in the video may be a weapon. Investigators are trying to figure out whether he was trying to plant it or whether he just dropped it by accident.

"The police initially lied," said Assemblyman Charles Barron of Brooklyn. "They tried to cover it up and say it was a robbery, say he had a knife. He had shorts on, no weapon, no robbery, and this mother was violated."

In a statement, the NYPD says, "This remains an open and fluid investigation, and the NYPD is coordinating closely with the Kings County District Attorney’s office. Video of the incident has been recovered and is under review.  The video captures actions that raise serious questions, and require further investigation. Recovered video is being shared with the Kings County DA.  The member of service involved in this incident remains on modified duty."

Blake has been placed on desk duty. He is also believed to currently be on probation with the NYPD because of a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.