Green-wood Cemetery was once one of the most-visited places in the country. And while it may not achieve that status again, the historic location is trying to attract a new audience, beyond those in mourning. The cemetery has a new opera and classical music series at its catacombs called "The Angel's Share."

"The idea is to confront our own mortality and at the same time appreciate something that is beautiful, ephemeral, which is the nature of great music," said Andrew Ousley, the creator of "The Angel's Share" concert series.

Founded in 1838, the Green-wood Cemetery is the final resting place for many prominent New Yorkers from Leonard Benstein to Jean-Michel Basquiat. It has long attracted visitors to it's 478 acres of lush landscape.

But in the past ten years, the cemetery has introduced a full schedule of public programs, including book talks, lectures, and trolley tours.

Harry Weil, the programs manager at Green-Wood Cemetery, admits there are concerns about how the historic burial ground uses the space, but adds "eventually we will be full and we won’t be able to sell any more plots. So how are we going to attract new generations to come to Green-wood to appreciate its history and landscape?"

The "Angel's Share" oncert series runs through October. Tickets cost $80.