The city's dockless bike program is expanding, and beginning this Friday riders can hop on in the Rockaways.

Riders use phone apps to find and unlock a bike nearby.

Once finished, the rider leaves the bike on the sidewalk, and a fee is charged based on how long they rode.

The two dockless bike-sharing services each offer 30 minutes of riding for $1. In comparison, 30 minutes on a CitiBike, which introduced bike sharing in the city in 2013, costs $3.

Residents who spoke with NY1 had mixed reviews over the program.

"I think overall it's good thing. I'm a little concerned over the small businesses here that rent bikes. I think overall people on bikes is a good thing people are out exercising, they're enjoying the beach in a different way - there's pluses and minuses," said one Rockaways resident.

"I don't like it it's too crowded up here as it is with the bikes that are up there now," noted another Rockaways resident.

Beginning July 28, pedal-assist bikes will be allowed in the city and will be offered by two of the dockless bike share companies.

The pilot program is expected to put at least 150 bikes in each of the areas: The Rockaways, Central Bronx, Staten Island's North Shore, and Coney Island.


Central Bronx: Mid-to-late July, JUMP and ofo bikes.

North Shore of Staten Island: Mid-to-late July, JUMP and Lime bikes.

Coney Island: Later this year. Motivate and a potential fifth company to be named later will provide bikes.