"My siblings and I demand ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to free my parents immediately," Perla Silva said, in tears at a press conference.

Perla Silva of Brooklyn pleaded with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Wednesday to free her mother and father, after they were taken into custody at Fort Drum upstate on the Fourth of July.

She said her mother, Concepción, has a heart condition. Her father, Margarito, is recovering from surgery. They both require medication.

"If my mother was denied her heart medication before, who can assure us that they're not going to do that again?" Perla Silva said.


She said it had been a traumatic week since her parents traveled from Brooklyn to the Army base near Lake Ontario. They were detained when they tried to visit their other daughter and her husband, an Amy sergeant.

"This is a slap in the face to military families, frankly," Daniel Altschuler of immigrant advocacy group Make the Road New York said at the press conference.

Military police said the Silvas failed to provide authorized identification and were arrested after admitting they entered the United States illegally more than 20 years ago.

Silva said her parents presented municipal IDNYC cards, which the city issued to people regardless of his or her immigration status.

She said they used it to visit other bases without incident. But that was before President Trump's crackdown on immigrants who enter the United States without authorization.

Public officials are warning that the IDNYC cards are providing the undocumented with a false sense of protection.  

"All that we have done to tell those who are undocumented — that you can have that card and won't be treated differently — is being torn apart," Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said.

The Silvas were arrested a month after an undocumented immigrant was detained while delivering pizza to the Fort Hamilton Army base in Brooklyn. He, too, presented a city ID.

Attorneys for the advocacy group Make the Road are recommending that undocumented immigrants who rely on the ID cards stay away from federal facilities, including military bases.

Elected officials standing with the Silvas are renewing calls for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to issue an executive order to give all New Yorkers access to driver's licenses.

The Silvas have retained a lawyer, but officials could not confirm when they are scheduled to appear before an immigration judge.

Meanwhile, Make the Road New York has launched a petition to help free the detained couple.